12 Warren

DDG's latest condo, 12 Warren, is wrapping up in the TriBeCa neighborhood. Occupying a mid-block site that faces south on Warren Street, the developer/architects' 12-story building is a conversion of a former factory at its lower floors with a new addition on top. Thirteen units will be offered, consisting of triplex, duplex, and full-floor homes.

The facade is predominantly clad in bluestone, which has also inspired its design. At the upper floors, balconies jut out non-uniformly, mimicking the natural stacking of bluestone. Throughout the facade, the bluestone cladding resists the repetition of size and pattern typically found in brick or more traditional stone clad buildings. No one portion of the facade quite looks like another, as modules of one size of bluestone are interrupted by a different scale and pattern. 

Looking west at the corner of Broadway and Warren Street.

South facade from Warren Street.

Close-up of the upper floors with balconies.

Close-up of the lower south facade.

Looking up at the south facade from Warren Street.

Looking up at the south facade from Warren Street.

Looking east towards 12 Warren (center).

Close-up of the southwest corner.

Architect/Developer: DDG; Program: Residential; Location: TriBeCa, New York, NY; Completion: 2016.