325 West Broadway

Exterior work has wrapped up at DDG's XOCO 325, the nine-story, 21-unit residential condo and retail development at 325 West Broadway. The project is built on the site of a former chocolate factory, hence the name XOCO, the Catalan word for chocolate.

Construction scaffolding has been completely removed from the West Broadway elevation, fully revealing the wood and glass ground floor fa├žade and the signature cast-aluminum screen above. Referencing the historic neighborhood's cast-iron facades, XOCO 325's screen floats above the future ground floor retail space and creates a space for vertical gardens in front of the glass window wall. The design of the screen evokes the imagery of bones or joints. Burlap was integrated into the formwork at the street facing side of the screen, providing a unique pattern for each unit. On the opposite, unit-facing side of the screen, an imprint of a worker's hand was CNC milled into the formwork to provide further texture.

Architect/Developer: DDG; Program: Residential, Retail; Location: SoHo, New York, NY; Completion: 2016.