625 W 57

Though ceremonial topping out was celebrated last fall, BIG's tetrahedron on the far west side of Manhattan has finally received its peak. The mountainous building stands 450 feet tall and will eventually house 709 rental units on 32 floors. Installation of the exterior envelope is also underway, with curtain wall panels reaching the tenth floor on the north and east elevations, as well as the interior courtyard. Panels have also been installed on the lower levels of the sloping south facade. Completion looks set for late 2015 or early 2016.

Looking north on 12th Avenue.

Looking north from Riverside Park.

Southwest corner from the Hudson River Greenway.

Southwest corner from Hudson River Greenway.

West facade from Hudson River Greenway.

West facade from Hudson River Greenway.

Northwest corner from Hudson River Greenway.

Looking south from Hudson River Park.

Northeast corner.

Northwest corner from 12th Avenue.

South facade from West 57th Street.

Southeast corner.

Southeast corner detail.

North facade from West 62nd Street.

ArchitectsBIG (Design Architects), SLCE Architects (Architects of Record); Program: Residential, Retail; Location: Midtown West, New York, NY; Completion: 2015.