The Greenwich Lane

Topping out is imminent at The Greenwich Lane development, with superstructure reaching the final floor of 155 West Eleventh Street. The 17-story, 82-unit tower is the tallest of the five building and five townhouse development in Greenwich Village on the site of the former St. Vincent's Hospital. Four of the hospital's former buildings are currently being converted into condo units as part of the development. Since the last update in December, the five townhouses on West 11th Street have started to rise above the construction fence. The entire development should reach completion by 2016.

West facade of 155 West Eleventh Street.

Southwest corner of 155 West Eleventh Street from 7th Avenue.

West facade.

South facade.

West facade of 155 West Eleventh Street.

South facade of 145 West Eleventh Street.

The Townhouses on West Eleventh Street.

Northwest corner of 160 West Twelfth Street.

West facade of 160 West Twelfth Street.

Looking north along Greenwich Avenue.

ArchitectsFXFOWLEInteriors: Thomas O'Brien; DevelopersThe Rudin Family with Global HoldingsPublic RelationsM18; Program: Residential; Location: West Village, New York, NY; Completion: 2016.