The Greenwich Lane

Construction is in full swing at the West Village's mega development The Greenwich Lane, from the development team of The Rudin Family and Global Holdings with architects FXFOWLE and interiors by Thomas O'Brien.  The project comprises 200 residential units amongst five buildings and five townhouses spanning half a block, between 11th and 12th Streets along Seventh Avenue, with a central courtyard. Formerly the site of St. Vincent's Hospital until its closing in 2010, the site was sold to the current developers in 2011 and demolition commenced in 2012.

The structure and northern façades of the 3 midrise buildings along the site's northern boundary, 140-160 West 12th Street, have been preserved and are currently undergoing renovation. Construction of new brick walls at the southern, courtyard-facing facade is underway, including window installation.

Structure has reached the third floor at the tallest building on site, 155 West 11th Street, a completely new 17-story tower at the corner of 7th Avenue and West 11th Street. 

Full completion of the entire project should come in 2016.

The southwest corner of the site at Seventh Avenue and West 11th Street.

The new, southern façade of 160 West 12th Street (left) with 150 West 12th Street (center) and 140 West 12th Street (right).

Looking north along West 11th Street.

Looking north on West 11th Street.

Looking east along West 11th Street.

145 West 11th Street.

The south façade of 145 West 11th Street.

Façade ornamentation from the site's previous use preserved on 145 West 11th Street.

Architects: FXFOWLE; Interiors: Thomas O'Brien; Developers: The Rudin Family with Global Holdings; Program: Residential; Location: West Village, New York, NY; Completion: 2016.