Brooklyn Bridge Park - Pier 6

Though much recent discussion about Pier 6 has focused on the two proposed residential towers, work has been ongoing to complete the park lands at the western edge of the pier. This past weekend, the remaining 3.5 acres of the pier's landscape opened to the public. Containing large expanses of grassy lawns and flower meadows accessible by meandering paths, this half of the pier provides passive recreation space in contrast to the active sports fields and playgrounds of the easterly half. Pier 6's landscape was designed by Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates, the team responsible for the park's other phases. Construction has yet to start on BIG's pavilion that would occupy the western edge of the pier.

Pier 6 from the Brooklyn Bridge Park greenway.

View of Lower Manhattan from the end of Pier 6.

Landscape Architects: Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates; Program: Park; Location: Brooklyn Bridge Park, Brooklyn, NY; Completion: Fall 2015.