Construction Tour: Quay Tower

South façade of 15 Bridge Park Drive (right) and Quay Tower (left).

Facade installation is nearing completion at Quay Tower, one of two towers by developers RAL Companies, Oliver's Realty Group, and Vanke US that anchor the southern boundary of Brooklyn Bridge Park. Designed by ODA New York, the towers feature a contrast in facade types with the 28-story Quay Tower clad in a metal and glass curtain wall, while the 15-story 15 Bridge Park Drive is wrapped in precast concrete and glass panels. 

Southeast corner of Quay Tower.

Closeup of the curtain wall at the northeast corner of Quay Tower.

Looking up at the east facade of Quay Tower.

Looking up at the east facade of Quay Tower.

Looking up at the north facade of Quay Tower.

Southwest corner of Quay Tower (left) and 15 Bridge Park Drive (right) from the East River.

West façade of 15 Bridge Park Drive (far right) and Quay Tower (right) from the East River.

Northwest corner of Quay Tower from Pier 5 of Brooklyn Bridge Park.

Close-up of the northwest corner of Quay Tower.

When completed, 50 Bridge Park Drive, also known as Quay Tower, will offer 126 residences ranging in size from two to five bedrooms.

View northwest from the top floor of Quay Tower.

2018_10_03-Quay Tower-DSC07977.jpg

Architect: ODA New York; Developers: RAL Companies, Oliver's Realty Group, Vanke US; Program: Residential; Location: Brooklyn Bridge Park, Brooklyn, NY; Completion: 2019.