Construction Update: 122 Community Arts Center

Southwest corner of the former public school building.

Construction is complete at 122 Community Center, the renovation by Deborah Berke Partners of a former public school that now serves as the home of four arts and community service organizations. The building was completed in 1894 by C.B.J. Snyder and operated as a public school until 1976. Since 1977, the original school building has housed arts and community organizations which will remain in the newly upgraded structure. Those organizations include: AIDS Service Center NYC, Mabou Mines, Painting Space 122, and Performance Space 122. 

West façade from First Avenue.

Along with upgrading the existing school building for code compliance and improvements to each of the organizations' space, a five-story addition at the northern boundary of the site adds more public function spaces and a unified circulation system for the building. A perforated, crimped metal panel clads the new addition, partially screening the large windows behind. The lightness of the metal panel serves as the perfect foil to the heaviness of the original brick structure, reflective by day and light transmitting by night. A long canopy clad in a similar metal mesh extends from the addition out to the sidewalk, announcing the building's new entry to the community.

Entry canopy.

Looking up at the northwest corner of the new addition.

Looking up at the entrance canopy of the new addition.

Looking up at the north façade of the new addition.

Northwest corner from First Avenue.

Close-up of the west façade of the new addition.

Close-up of the southwest corner of the existing school building.

West façade of the new addition from First Avenue.

Close-up of the northwest corner of the new addition.

Architect: Deborah Berke Partners; Client: NYC Department of Design and Construction; Program: Space for Arts and Community Service Organizations; Location: East Village, New York, NY; Completion: 2018.