Construction Update: 809 Broadway

Northeast corner from Broadway.

Construction scaffolding is coming down at 809 Broadway, revealing the metal and glass facade. The 15-story mixed-use tower, developed by IDM Capital, sits on a mid-block site near Union Square. Retail will occupy the cellar and ground floor, floors 2 through 12 will offer commercial office space, and three residential condos will be available at the top floors. ODA New York is responsible for the design, which features the firm’s signature eroded massing that breaks down the simple extruded rectangle at the southern corners of the tower. The tower cladding also mimics the erosion, as the solid black metal cladding transitions to glass at the southeast and southwest corners to allow for views of Lower Manhattan.

Looking up at the northeast corner.

Closeup of the northeast corner.

Looking up at the east facade from Broadway.

Looking up at the southeast corner.

Southeast corner from Broadway.

Close-up of the southeast corner.

Architect: ODA New York; Developer: IDM Capital; Program: Commercial Office, Residential Condo, Retail; Location: Union Square, New York, NY; Completion: 2019.