520 W 28

Installation has begun on the hand-rubbed metal screen at Related's 520 W 28 residential condo tower. Designed by Zaha Hadid Architects, the 11-story, 40-unit condo flanks the western edge of the High Line at 28th Street. The metal screen functions as a finished cover for the concrete slabs, which are not covered by the glass panels of the window wall system. A typical glass curtain wall is installed along the perimeter of the tower's slabs effectively covering them, while a window wall sits in between the slabs some distance inside from the edge.  Hadid uses the slab covering as an opportunity to express and emphasize the softened edges at the corners and create the building's signature element of floors that meld with walls. The intricacy of their shapes require a technological artisanry, as they are formed by unique, laser cut pieces.

When completed, the building should be a fitting testament to the avant garde vision of Zaha Hadid, who died earlier this year.

East facade from West 28th Street.

East facade from the High Line.

Detail of the metal facade installed at the southeast slab edge.

Southeast facade from the High LIne.

Detail of the metal facade installed at the southeast slab edge.

Looking north from the High Line towards 520 W 28 (left), 10 Hudson Yards (right), and 507 W 28 (far right).

East facade from West 27th Street.

ArchitectsZaha Hadid ArchitectsDevelopers: Related; Program: Residential; Location: Chelsea, New York, NY; Completion: 2017.