56 Leonard

Curtain wall installation continues at 56 Leonard, the 145-unit, 830 foot tall residential tower designed by Herzog & deMeuron and located in the Tribeca neighborhood of Manhattan. Since January's update, five more floors of glass exterior wall have been added to the tower, reaching the 33rd floor.

Superstructure progress appears to have slowed down with the pouring of the final 11 floors, where the floor plates are the most varied. While the majority of the tower's floor plates alternate the balcony locations on every other floor in an A/B pattern, the upper floors of the tower are designed with a less homogeneous variation. Each of the final 11 floor plates should be unique, creating variations in how each floor overhangs or recedes from the other.

Looking south on Church Street.

Northeast corner from Church Street.

Northeast corner from Leonard Street.

Northeast corner.

East facade from Church Street.

Southeast corner from Church Street.

South facade from the Laight Street bridge.

North facade from Leonard Street.

Northwest corner from Leonard Street.

West facade from West Broadway.

Northwest corner from West Broadway.

Northwest corner from the Laight Street bridge.

Architects: Herzog & de Meuron with Goldstein Hill & West Architects; Structural Engineers: WSP; Developers: Alexico Group, Hines; Program: Residential; Location: Tribeca, New York, NY; Completion: 2015.