West facade from Banker Street.

Greenpoint is getting a creative hub from automaker BMW/MINI. Known as A/D/O, the office space for creatives will be housed in a former warehouse in the Brooklyn neighborhood. nArchitects, a Brooklyn-based firm, has led the conversion of the 25,000-square-foot space.

Southwest corner from Banker Street.

The architects have sought to preserve the spirit of the former warehouse with strategic alterations on the exterior. A diagonal slice through the southwest corner creates a grand entry defined by a new diagonal structural element and new glazing. New doors and windows have also been inserted into the remaining original graffiti-covered brick walls. 

New main entry taking shape at the southwest corner.

Close-up of the southwest corner with new structure.

South facade from Norman Avenue.

South facade from Norman Avenue.

Southeast corner from Norman Avenue.

Southeast corner.

Close-up of the graffiti covered existing walls.

East facade.

New main entry taking shape at the southwest corner.

Brick facade close-up.

Inside, the former warehouse will be reconfigured to provide a large, open work space, along with design classrooms, a restaurant, and retail. As the headquarters for URBAN-X, A/D/O will also offer rentable work space and a fabrication studio for innovative hardware startups.

Inside the open work space at the main entry.

Periscope element cut into the existing ceiling.

Extension of the open space work area.

New skylight cut into the existing ceiling.

Architect: nArchitects; Client: BMW/MINI; Program: Office, Commercial, Retail; Location: Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY; Completion: Fall 2016.