335 E 27 - Carmel Place

Stacking has reached the fourth floor at Carmel Place, the 10-story micro units development from Monadnock Development in the Kips Bay neighborhood of Manhattan. Designed by nARCHITECTS, the project is the first micro units apartment building in New York and consists of 55 studio apartments for both market rate and affordable tenants. Each apartment is one module, all of which were fabricated at the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Even by New York apartment standards these studios will be tiny, offering only 260 to 360 square feet of space. Due to current zoning laws that restrict apartments of less than 400 square feet, the project required former Mayor Bloomberg to waive those regulations. To mitigate the tight quarters, apartments have been designed with 9'-8" tall ceilings to increase natural light and amenities that provide for communal activities and storage have been spread throughout the building's 66 modules. Stacking should continue through June with full building completion expected by late fall.

Southwest corner from Mount Carmel Place.

Module on site preparing to be lifted for stacking.

Northwest corner from Mount Carmel Place.

Module on site awaiting its placement.

Detail of the modules on the west facade.

Southwest corner of the stacked tower.

Southeast corner of the stacked tower.

Architect: nARCHITECTS; Module Manufacturer: CapsysDeveloper: Monadnock Development; Program: Residential; Location: Kips Bay, New York, NY; Completion: Late Fall 2015.