Construction Update: 42-20 27th Street

Looking north on Crescent Street.

Superstructure is rising at 42-20 27th Street, The Rabsky Group's 18-story, 195-unit residential building in Long Island City. Designed by ODA New York, the building features a concrete façade with botanical gardens that slice through the northeast and southwest corners of the structure. At the top of the structure, the massing slopes downward to the southeast, eroding the structure to allow for private outdoor terraces.

Southwest corner from Crescent Street.

Looking up at the west façade from Crescent Street.

South façade.

Southeast corner from 42nd Road.

Looking up at the east façade from 27th Street.

Future botanical garden spae at the northeast corner.

Looking south along 27th Street.

Northeast corner.

Architects: ODA New York; Developer: The Rabsky Group; Program: Residential, Retail; Location: Long Island City, New York, NY; Completion: 2018.