251 First

Southwest corner from Fourth Avenue.

Construction scaffolding has been removed at 251 First, an 11-story luxury mid-rise condo building from developers Adam America Real Estate, Slate Property Group, and Vanke. Located in the Park Slope neighborhood of Brooklyn, the building sits at the corner of Fourth Avenue and First Street, joining the Baltic and other recent luxury projects nearby.

Close-up of the upper half of the building at the southwest corner.

Design of the exterior and interiors is by ODA and feature's the firm's signature boxy playfulness in its massing. The top half of the building erodes into a series of stepping terraces at the southwest and northwest corners, allowing for a large amount of outdoor space for the residential units.

Close-up of the stepping terraces.

Looking up at the south façade from First Street.

West façade from Fourth Avenue.

Northwest corner from Fourth Avenue.

Close-up of the west façade.

Architect: ODA; Developers: Adam America Real Estate, Slate Property Group, Vanke; Program: Residential; Location: Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY; Completion: 2017.