World Trade Center Site

This year marks the 13th anniversary of the tragic events of 9/11.  The rebuilding efforts at the World Trade Center site have been ongoing, fraught with many delays due to design, budget and even a hurricane. Now, the site is making great progress and has started to transition into a true neighborhood .

Looking west along Fulton Street to1 WTC (center), 7 WTC (right), and the wing of the WTC Transit Hub (left).

1 WTC, 7 WTC, and the WTC Transit Hub from the corner of Dey Street and Church Street.

The wing of the WTC Transit Hub.

The ribs of the WTC Transit Hub.

The oculus of the WTC Transit Hub.

The WTC Transit Hub (center) and WTC Museum (right) seen from the Memorial pools.

1 WTC (left), 7 WTC (right), and the memorial (bottom right) seen from the Memorial pools.

The top floors and spire of 1 WTC.

The Goldman Sachs Tower (center) amongst 1 WTC (left) and 7 WTC (right).

The podium and lower floors of 1 WTC from the memorial pools.

Detail of the glass fins that clad the podium of 1 WTC.

The main entry of 1 WTC on Fulton Street.

The WTC museum (left), 3 WTC (center), and 4 WTC (right) seen from the Memorial pools with 30 Park Place under construction in the background.

The northeast corner of 4 WTC.

The southeast corner of 4 WTC.

The retail podium of 4 WTC from Church Street.

Reflections in the façade of 4 WTC.

Looking east towards the pools from the Memorial Plaza.

Architects: Adamson Associates (2 WTC, 3 WTC, 4 WTC), Davis Brody Bond (WTC Memorial and Museum), Foster + Partners (2 WTC), Maki and Associates (4 WTC), Michael Arad with Peter Walker and Partners (WTC Memorial), Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners (3 WTC), Santiago Calatrava (WTC Transit Hub), Snohetta (WTC Museum), SOM (1 WTC, 7 WTC), Studio Daniel Libeskind (WTC master plan); Engineers: WSP Cantor Seinuk (1 WTC, 2 WTC, 3 WTC); Developers: Silverstein Properties, Inc. (2 WTC, 3 WTC, 4 WTC, 7 WTC), The Durst Organization (1 WTC), The Port Authority of New York & New Jersey (1 WTC, WTC Transportation Hub, WTC Memorial and Museum, Retail); Program: Office, Retail, Memorial, Museum, Transit, Park; Completion: 1 WTC (2015), 2 WTC (TBD), 3 WTC (2018), 4 WTC (2013), 7 WTC (2006), WTC Transit Hub (2015), WTC Memorial (2011), WTC Museum (2014).