27 Wooster

SoHo, like many neighborhoods in New York's current golden age of construction, is abuzz with numerous projects underway.  Earlier this week I toured one such SoHo development at the upper tier of luxury. At the corner of Grand Street and Wooster Street, a new luxury condo is rising amongst the historic cast iron architecture.  The 9-story, 16-unit building from architects Kohn Pedersen Fox is a modern interpretation of the architectural heritage of its surroundings. The exterior color palette of the facade seeks to blend into the neighborhood's monochromatic tendencies with a dark gray and white metal facade system. Each of the facade window units is in fact an operable French door with a glass-and-perforated metal railing which allows light, air and privacy for the residents inside.  Installation of the frames has begun on the second floor of the Grand Street facade, with the doors set for installation starting in November. A temporary enclosure of plexiglass has been constructed on the fourth floor corner to give potential buyers a better sense of the unit without the temporary weather enclosure walls.

The northeast corner at the intersection of Grand Street and Wooster Street.

The east facade from Wooster Street.

Looking north along Wooster Street.

The north facade from Grand Street.

Installation of the facade frame on the north facade.

Facade frame installation.

Detail of the facade frames on the north facade. 

The north facade facing Grand Street.

The top floor features a full-floor, 6,700 square foot penthouse with five bedrooms and four bathrooms. Incredible views from Lower Manhattan to Midtown are visible from the 3,140 square foot terrace, which also features a 33-foot long pool on the southern end.  

View to the west from the penthouse roof deck.

View to Lower Manhattan from the pool on the penthouse roof deck.

The pool enclosure with windows on the penthouse roof deck.

View to the east from the penthouse roof deck.

View to the north.

Looking west from the facade perimeter with temporary weather enclosure (left).

Detail of the brick piers and window frame elements. 

Interiors are designed by Thomas Juul-Hansen with a focus on material honesty and tactility. When completed, the units will feature wide plank solid oak floors, kitchens by Smallbone of Devizes, marble slab master bathrooms, and smart-home technology controls throughout. 

The corner living room of the B unit, looking out onto the intersection of Grand Street and Wooster Street.

The corner living room of the B unit.

The master bedroom of the B unit.

Looking south to Lower Manhattan from the kitchen balcony of the A unit.

Architects: KPF; Interior Designers: Thomas Juul-Hansen; Developers: 27 Wooster LLC (Axel Stawski and Anthony Leichter); Public Relations: M18Program: Residential, Retail; Location: SoHo, New York, NY; Completion: 2015.